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The Cursed Prince

NovelThe Cursed PrinceThe Cursed Prince
Chapter 551 – Emmelyn Has So Many Questions superb mass
He allow the defend take flight regarding his dragon ahead of them and didn’t attempt to catch up with him. He was absolutely sure Aslain could keep track of the guard’s option and adhered to him slowly but surely.
With the mention of their later queen’s title, the defend suddenly appeared amazed.
Emmelyn stared at Maxim’s back with knitted brows, attempting to process what she acquired just listened to between Maxim plus the secure. She considered her ears had been taking part in methods on the.
OMG… I can’t wait around for Emmelyn to discover the reality regarding all the things.
The Cursed Prince
He tilted his mind to view Maxim better. The princess acquired approved away for 18 years. So, it was amazing to discover an outsider uttered her identify, and the man even named her ‘aunt’?
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So, Queen Maude really was aware the female Emmelyn discovered in the desire? Was she Catalina Leoralei?
“California king Alexander is tired?” Maxim required to ensure. He pondered why the the right time was so poor. “Could we see him?”
Maybe… Emmelyn would recognize his circumstance. Maybe Emmelyn could forgive him for unintentionally dragging her into this blunder.
Was that accurate? Have Maxim with his fantastic loved ones really know the Leoraleis?
The Cursed Prince
Maxim’s phrases saved buzzing in her thoughts as she absent-mindedly obtained on Aslain’s back and sat there, although Maxim sat in front of her, to defend her like ahead of.
As she observed his rear, Emmelyn was asking yourself if Maxim knew a little something and he held factors from her.
Was that genuine? Managed Maxim with his fantastic friends and family actually know the Leoraleis?
Emmelyn detested him.
The emperor patted Aslains backside and told him to slow down. Considering the fact that Emmelyn was hard to clean and refused to carry onto him, Maxim was worried she would actually tumble once they maintained exactly the same pace.
Could be… Emmelyn would realize his situation. Could be Emmelyn could forgive him for unintentionally dragging her into this chaos.
He actually didn’t know the real truth, only assumptions. And this man didn’t be aware of it until weeks ago when he spoke with his new mother in individual.
Was that why Princess Maude suddenly searched unwell in their dinner together after Emmelyn informed her about her desire?
What was he trying to hide??
Was that true? Performed Maxim with his fantastic loved ones fully realize the Leoraleis?
“However… Myreen is simply not ready to accept outsiders,” the defense reported yet again. “I can’t let you get in.”
Was that true? Performed Maxim and his awesome household truly understand the Leoraleis?
Maxim didn’t know.
He converted around and bought on the top of his dragon. Additional two dragons stayed behind to protect the place, just in case there had been other intruders forthcoming.
Was that why Queen Maude suddenly searched unwell throughout their lunch together with each other after Emmelyn informed her about her fantasy?
Do you consider she will forgive Maxim for concealing the reality? Will she loathe him for being the reason for all her sufferings? Or will she fully understand his agony and blame simply the Leoraleis? How could their romantic relationship change? Can it convert negative or would they always be close friends?
“Go on,” Maxim responded.
Was she dreaming or hallucinating because she was going crazy after simply being stuck in the backwoods for a couple of several weeks?

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